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Twitch Streetwear Hoodie

SupeRanked 009 Twitch Streetwear Hoodie - Front

Founded in 2011, Twitch is currently the most popular online service to watch and stream content related to games. It originally focused almost entirely on video games, but has since expanded to include streams dedicated to talk shows, craftwork, music, etc. Owned by Amazon since 2014, Twitch has millions daily active users and a very unique identity reinforced by their late-2019 redesign. We’ve been recently working on a concept for a streetwear hoodie inspired by the new logo, and here’s the result.


The new logo has been released in late 2019. It comes with various, beneficial updates that make it so much better. The main change being the tighter counterspaces of the letters that now also match the thickness of the stroke around the letters. The characters are wider and bolder, creating a more impactful branding. The angled notches on the bottom of the “w”, “t”, and “c” are all now in the same direction, making the logo consistent and balanced.


Twitch may have begun as a video game streaming service but since then it’s been expanding to offer a variety of live streams aimed to appeal to a broader audience. Some examples are IRL (In Real Life) which features streamers simply chatting live with their viewers, Talk Shows including a mix of live panel discussions, and even professionally produced variety shows. While viewers looking for something more artistic should check out the Creative category. This is where artists, programmers, animators, cosplayers, and designers share their creative process with the world.

We felt that such a widespread and variegated streaming platform deserves a bold design for its merch. We decided to start from a classic streetwear hoodie design and play along with it by leveraging on both brand name and icon.

The results is something that we hope it could strike the attention of both online viewers and real life crowd, thanks to its bold pattern and a combination of colors that it’s rarely found elsewhere when it comes to streetwear.


  • Brand: Twitch
  • Source of inspiration: 2019 redesign
  • Designer: Ardimas (Indonesia)

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