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AMD Threadripper T-Shirt

Are you guys as thrilled as we are for the new Threadripper 3000? That’s why we can’t stop thinking that Ryzen—and Threadripper, of course—are the coolest brands in the tech industry right now. I mean, 32 cores and 64 threads? That’s benchmark-licious! OK, we digress . . .

This is a different take on the design previously developed for our streetwear hoodie. We had fun creating the vectorial representation of a CPU and so we decided to propose it again with some minor amendments and stick it on the front of a T-shirt with a bit of an extra e-sports vibe. Basically, this is what we would love to wear if our hypothetical e-sports team was sponsored by AMD.

About this concept:

  • Brand: AMD Threadripper
  • Source of inspiration: Vector design on a classic e-sports style T-shirt
  • Designer: Dom (Vietnam)

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section down below, and don’t forget to rate this project.

Your opinion on Brand Identity:

How well do you feel this design represents AMD’s brand identity?

Your opinion on Style:

How good is this design at proposing something new in terms of style compared to what you usually see in shops?