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Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic

  • SupeRanked 010 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic V2.0 - Snapshot
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Wallpaper Angled View
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Wallpaper Frontal View
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Mousepad Frontal View
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Mousepad Angled View

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We’d love to hear your your suggestions on how to further improve this infographic. Please let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to rate this project. Lastly, you can explore our latest mechanical keyboard concept based on Soldier 76 character from Overwatch.

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2 thoughts on “Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic

  1. man you did a great infographice i would love to know which software you use plus add some colors for normal people your presentation is so professional keep it up all respect.

    1. Thanks a lot Ibrahim! We’re thrilled to know that the effort we’ve put into this project resulted in something actually useful for the community. We work primarily on Chromebooks, and for this infographic we’ve used the GSuite and the amazing Gravit Designer. Then we’ve finalized the design in Illustrator (on a Win laptop) just to generate the output in PDF and minimize the risk of issues across all computers (zero artifacts, etc). We’ve received tons of comments from the community and clearly there’s something to fix in the content. We will address it in V2 which we’re planning to release in a couple of weeks. So stick around! 😉

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