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Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic

SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Wallpaper Frontal View
  • SupeRanked 010 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic V2.0 - Snapshot
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Wallpaper Angled View
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Wallpaper Frontal View
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Mousepad Frontal View
  • SupeRanked 010 Mechanical Keyboard Infographic - Mousepad Angled View

Finally decided to get rid of your old membrane keyboard with rubber domes and replace it with a new fancy and shiny mechanical keyboard? Knowing what options are open (and useful) to you is very important. This infographic represents a good starting point for anyone interested on entering this world. It can be downloaded for free and it will be updated regularly based on your suggestions.

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At the time when computers were introduced, keyboards were large and heavy devices with a price somewhere around 100 USD. They came along with a sturdy printed circuit, which was mounted to a metal plate. The mechanical switches most commonly used gave out an audible or tactile feedback when pressed. As a result, people who used these keyboards were able to know whether they successfully pressed on a specific character or not.

Photo: IBM Model M. Source: Wikipedia

However, the prices of computers and components dropped significantly along the years. But the price of a mechanical keyboard remained mostly unchanged and some people did not want to spend that much money on a single device when the entire computer cost kept reducing. This gave life to the rubber dome membrane keyboard. In rubber dome membrane keyboards, the circuit was printed in a collection of flexible membranes; the springs, which used to support the keys, were replaced by rubber domes. However, these keyboards were not as durable as the mechanical ones. External factors such as humidity and temperature could create a visible impact on the functionality and performance. As a consequence, this made people reconsider about going mechanical instead.

Mechanical keyboards are associated with a variety of benefits as well as advantages. Durability and consistency over time are the most prominent. Ok, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money in order to purchase a good and reliable device. However, you will get the opportunity to use that keyboard for a long period of time. To do not mention the “sensorial” benefits: sound and feel are just better in a well-chosen MKB.

Photo: Ducky One 2 Mini Horizon. Source: Ducky


Depending on who you ask, you might get different motivation for switching to mechanical keyboards. Some people like how their tactile feedback makes them easier to use, some others appreciate customizability. You can buy different keycaps, change their mechanical switches, and go full custom by choosing basically every single component for a tailored experience.

Let’s get to the point: the world of custom mechanical keyboards can be pretty intimidating at first. It’s like going down the rabbit hole. The process to build a keyboard from scratch requires some study, and above all preparation before jumping into action. And that’s where we hope that this infographic will come in handy. The scope is to provide an initial idea of the array of options you will experience, even if it would be impossible to try to list them all here. These are the most common choices out there, along with some general rules.

This is our infographic version 2.0. The idea is to update it regularly to expand the content and add more details. You can download the high-res for free at the link below, print it on paper or even on s mouse pad or a wallpaper. Furthermore, you can order a desk mat from our store page.

SupeRanked 010 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic V2.0 - Snapshot
Custom Mechanical Keyboard (link below to download and to desk mat)


SupeRanked Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic V3.0
Size: 3.6 MB
Version: 3.0
Published: 26/10/2020

We believe that knowledge should be accessible to all without trade-off. Hence, this download is completely free.

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SupeRanked Custom Mechanical Keyboard Infographic V2.0
Size: 2.20 MB
Version: 2.0
Published: 27/07/2020

OG Version 2.0. It comes in dark mode and a bit messier layout. We still recommend you to download and use V3.0 instead, as it contains more accurate details.

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  1. man you did a great infographice i would love to know which software you use plus add some colors for normal people your presentation is so professional keep it up all respect.

    1. Thanks a lot Ibrahim! We’re thrilled to know that the effort we’ve put into this project resulted in something actually useful for the community. We work primarily on Chromebooks, and for this infographic we’ve used the GSuite and the amazing Gravit Designer. Then we’ve finalized the design in Illustrator (on a Win laptop) just to generate the output in PDF and minimize the risk of issues across all computers (zero artifacts, etc). We’ve received tons of comments from the community and clearly there’s something to fix in the content. We will address it in V2 which we’re planning to release in a couple of weeks. So stick around! 😉

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