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AMD Ryzen Streetwear Hoodie

Exciting times ahead for PC enthusiasts. Remember those years when AMD started kicking Intel’s ass with Athlon XP and Athlon 64 back in the early 2000? Feels like ages ago, cause it is. Well, thanks to Lisa Su’s medicine AMD is finally back on track with the most exciting CPU lineup of the last two decades.

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With the launch of the AMD Ryzen 3000 line up of processors, AMD is actually beating Intel on performance, power and price. We’re so excited about this and we can’t wait to try out the next release of Threadripper. To celebrate this moment in CPU industry, we’ve worked at a concept of a hoodie that includes the Ryzen iconic logo as well as a new minimal design of a CPU at the back.

About this concept:

  • Brand: AMD
  • Source of inspiration: streetwear combined with minimalist CPU design
  • Designer: Ardimas (Indonesia)

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Your opinion on Brand Identity:

How well do you feel this design can represent AMD Ryzen brand identity?

Your opinion on Style:

How good is this design at proposing something new in terms of style compared to what you currently see in shops?

2 thoughts on “AMD Ryzen Streetwear Hoodie

  1. I’d like this hoodie and one of your FINE ASS keyboards please! Can you make these products already?! why u no makey already. i get it, but fo’real. make that hoodieee its sweeet. I came for the keyboard though

    1. Hey Steve, we love your comment! Right now these are all concepts, and yes you’re right it would be awesome to turn some of these into actual products. Just yesterday we’ve released our first real product – a deskmat – which is now ready for shipping. We will work hard to keep expanding our list of products in the near future. Keep following us!

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