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AC Milan Streetwear Hoodie 2020

In 1899, two English expatriates—Herbert Kilpin and Alfred Edwards—founded Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket Club, known today around the world as A.C. Milan. We want to celebrate the 120th Anniversary with a limited edition design based on the legendary colors of the Italian club.


Here at SupeRanked we love football. And when it comes to think of a streetwear design based on a European club, our mind goes to what it has been nominated by the UEFA as one of the strongest equipo of all times: that AC Milan team that goes from 1988 to 1990. At that time Arrigo Sacchi was managing a perfect machine, sealed by an unparalleled showcase of talents (Baresi, Costacurta, Maldini, Tassotti) and made lethal by the greatest orange trio: Gullit, Van Basten, and Rijkaard.


This concept is a throwback tribute to that incredible era when Kappa was the sponsor. The Italian brand was already famous for experimenting with innovative designs, like it happened later on in the ’90s with a few other iconic kits supplied to Juventus FC.

With this in mind we’ve briefed a designer (and an AC fan) from Indonesia that knows those days very well, and together we’ve come up with this concept. We’re combining together the two souls of AC Milan: Rossonero stripes and classic white. But since we don’t want to mess up with tradition (i.e., the official kit) we’ve decided to go for a more playful project with a hoodie instead.

The badge (which was missing in some Kappa iterations from the ’80s) is reintroduced in our concept, along with San Giorgio’s cross and a higher percent of dark tones to provide better contrast.


  • Brand: Associazione Calcio Milan
  • Source of inspiration: Streetwear & sportswear
  • Designer: Ardimas (Indonesia)

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